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Learning is a lifelong experience, and as an employee working for an agency whose primary focus is agriculture and its development, I get to learn more and more about the subject and I can really say that agriculture is cool, agriculture is important, and agriculture needs to be loved by more people.

Not only agriculture, but the people involved in agriculture; those who produce our food right before our very plates. Those people we sometimes take for granted but at the same time, the ones we need to give the honor and appreciation for their hard work just to produce the food we enjoy today – our farmers.

So now, I made this page to share to my readers, the lives, experiences, and successes of the farmers I meet during our travels. I learn a lot from them and yes, for me, they are an inspiration and I hope they inspire you to.




I travel most of the times. Sometimes work related and sometimes personal trips. I do take pictures a lot and I feel bad not using them. A lot of ’em are just saved in my phone’s memory waiting to see the light of day on my next instagram post.

Traveling gives you many experiences. It allows you to meet a variety of people, it shows you things you’ve never imagined possible, it brings you places where you can appreciate and praise the Great Designer behind the beauty of every place you get to visit.



Processed with VSCO with j6 presetWho doesn’t want food? I get hungry most of the times. Good thing my metabolism is still quite fast that’s why I can still manage my form (tho’ sometimes I get worried when my stomach starts to get bigger).

I don’t really write stuff about food, the only good thing I can do with food is to gobble it up…fast. But yeah, I appreciate food a lot especially those that really are new and interesting to the taste.


I also use this blog as a way for me to reflect about life. I am really an introvert especially around people I do not know or to people I know but aren’t that close to me. Sometimes I find it hard to open up that’s why people would refer to me as the quiet, suplado, mataray guy. Well, if you really get to know me and maybe become close as ever, I could be the loudest and (they say) fun person to be with.

I’m telling you this because as an introvert, I really can’t speak what’s in my mind. You may hear me eating my words sometimes coz yeah, that’s how I am. So I find this blog an opportunity to share what I think about things like daily experiences, my devotion, secrets maybe (tho’ nobody cares haha). This also would be an area for me to reminisce the past and recall good memories.